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  • At The Lounge homepage, click on the green “Register Now” button.
  • Fill out all the required fields and click on the green “Complete Sign Up” button at the bottom right hand corner of the page. You will receive an email to activate your account. Click on the link in your email to verify your email.
  • Your registration still needs to be reviewed by our site administrator. Please allow 24 hours for your account to be fully activated by The Lounge administrator. You will receive an email notice when your account is active.


  • Log In: Visit The Lounge homepage and click on the green “Log in” button. Enter your username and password in the boxes provided. You’ll have to do some basic math just to ensure you’re not a robot. Click the “Log In” button below.
  • Log Out: Don’t forget to log-out! To log-out, scroll over your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen and click “Log Out.” This is especially recommended for shared computers, as closing the window does not log you out of the service. Please note that the site will automatically log you out after 30 minutes of inactivity.
  • If you’re having trouble logging in to the system, please email the site administrator at [email protected]


  • The main page for each group is comprised of a “digital wall” made up of short “posts” shared by the group members. It is recommended that you share announcements, articles, photos, videos, and simple questions on a group page. To raise more in-depth questions, consider creating a topic on your group’s forum page. Or, explore the number of existing topics on your group’s forum for additional resources.
  • All members are added to “The Lounge” group. Once logged in, you can start requesting membership to join other groups. Be aware that you may have access to some groups and not others; for example, there are some groups just for teens, and some groups just for parents.
  • View list of all groups: Scroll over “Community” at the top menu and click on “Groups.” You will see three tabs, “All Groups,” “My Groups,” and “Group Tree.” Group Tree is a more organized way of finding groups based on the audience (teens, parents/caregivers, service providers, etc.).
  • Request membership to group: If you would like to be added to a group, click the green “Request Membership” button. Allow 24 hours for the Group Admin to respond to your request. A Group Admin may require additional information from you before admitting you into their group.
  • Contact Group Admin: Click on a group from the group list. To the right of the name of the group, you will see the profile icons for the “Group Admins.” Click on their icon and click on the green “Private Message” button to send a message.
  • Post updates in your group: You can post status updates in any of the groups that you are a member. You can also comment on other people’s status updates in the group. Check back often to see what members are posting on your group’s page.
  • Share files, photos, and documents: Click on a particular group and you will notice that the fourth tab says “Documents.” You can click on the orange button to upload a new document.
  • Weekly email setting: Note that the system will send out a weekly summary of all the posts in the groups you are a member of. To change this setting, click on the group and notice that under the group’s description you can find the text that says “Your email status is …” You will need to click on the blue text that says “change,” in order to edit how frequently you get these emails.


  • Each group has its own forum. A forum is comprised of a number of different “topics.” Forums should be used to raise discussions on topics relevant to the group. Forums also function as a permanent resource board as older topics can be updated. You can create your own topic or respond to a topic created by another member.
  • Forums can be viewed from the top menu or from a group page. Almost all groups have their own forum. In order to view a forum, you will need to have membership in the group associated with that forum.
  • Create a topic: Once in a forum, you simply have to scroll to the bottom of the page and enter a title and enter your question/comment in the large text box below. You can also check a box if you’d like to receive email notices when members reply to your topic. When you’re ready, click on the green “Post Topic” button.
  • Bookmarking a topic: Click on the topic of your choice. When the new page loads, click on the “Subscribe” button.
  • Respond to a forum topic: In a forum, click on the post you want to reply to. You’ll be directed to a new page where you can enter your response in the text box. Click the green “Post Reply” button when you are done.
  • Edit a post: You can only edit or delete posts that you have made in the forum. You can edit a post by clicking the edit button.


  • Adding friends: Why add friends in the Lounge? Adding friends is the best way to communicate directly with other members. Click on someone’s profile and click the green “Add Friend” button. You will receive an email once a member has accepted your friend request.
  • Search for friends: Scroll over “Community” at the top menu and click on “Members.” There is a search box at the top of the page (you may enter a name or username).
  • Manage your friends: go to your profile and select the “Friends” tab. You may click on the green “Cancel Friendship” button if needed. Members that you “unfriend” are not notified about your action.
  • Responding to a friend request: If someone requests to be your friend, a notice will appear at the upper right hand corner of the page. Scroll over the notification and proceed to your “Friends” page.


  • Any Lounge Member can send a private message directly to another Lounge Member. These are great for when you want to directly and privately communicate.
  • Checking messages: To view your inbox, sent messages, or compose a new message, scroll over your name at the top right hand corner of the screen and scroll over “Messages” to select any of the listed options.
  • There is no option to attach a file to your messages sent from within the Lounge.
  • If you cannot send a private message, please contact us at [email protected]


  • Edit your profile: Scroll over your profile icon at the upper right hand corner of the page. Click “Edit My Profile.”
  • Change profile picture: Scroll over your profile icon at the upper right hand corner of the page. Click “Edit My Profile.” Locate “Change Profile Photo” near the center of the page. Choose a file from your computer and make sure to click the green “Upload Image” button.
  • Delete profile photo: Scroll over your profile icon at the upper right hand corner of the page. Click “Edit My Profile.” Locate “Change Profile Photo” near the center of the page. Click on the green “Delete My Avatar” button at the bottom of the page.


  • You may want to report a post if it violates our Community “Guidelines,” appears to be spam, contains a link to illegal or pirated software, or simply because it makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe in any way.
  • If you want to contact someone directly or need to report abusive and/or legal matters related to the Lounge, please contact our system administrator immediately by emailing [email protected]



  1. janpradder

    HI – I’m new to Gender Spectrum and the Lounge. I am a parent of a transgender daughter. Not sure how to connect to the correct group. Also, I seem to be able to use the lounge, but my profile page has a message I am not yet approved. Not sure how to contact administration. Suggestions?

  2. afsane

    Hi. I’m new to everything! My son let me know a few weeks ago that he has decided to transition and I’m still running through my grief stages. Would love to get input from other parents.

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