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If you violate a provision of this Community Agreement or our Terms of Service, or for any other reason in Gender Spectrum’s sole discretion, Gender Spectrum reserves the right to remove content, to suspend or terminate your account, or to take any other action. You are always welcome to ask about why any content has been removed.

Be Nice. This is our fundamental rule. The Lounge is a place for people all along the spectrum of gender identity and expression. Please keep an open mind, remembering that we are all coming from different places. It may be necessary to compassionately correct someone about issues related to yourself or your identity. However, hateful, mean, discriminatory, or otherwise offensive language will not be tolerated.


Think before you post. Gender Spectrum works to create a world that is safe for all people, but we acknowledge that no online space can be entirely private. Please remember when posting that The Lounge is still the internet and any content you post to the Lounge may be shared publicly. If we discover that someone has violated another member’s privacy, we may take action to suspend or remove the violating member. However, once made public, the content cannot truly be removed from the internet.


No sexually explicit content or profanity. Sexually explicit content and links to sexually explicit content are not permitted in the Lounge. Likewise, profanity is not appropriate in any group – we don’t want to dissuade you from expressing the strength of your opinions or feelings, but.please do so without the use of profanity.


No  posts about self-harm and/or suicide. We support and encourage Lounge users to reach out to trained professionals for help if you are in crisis and/or need support – you can find contact information for the Trevor Project and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline here. The members and moderators of the Lounge are not trained in crisis intervention and thus The Lounge is not an appropriate forum for dealing with youth in crisis. Posts containing intentions about suicide and/or self-harm will be removed by moderators. Moderators will follow up privately through message with the user in crisis to ensure they are given resources and support that is appropriate and through trained professionals. The original post will be deleted because this content is often triggering to other users and responses by other users who do not have appropriate mental health training can cause more harm than good to the person in crisis.


Primary Audience is for Youth/Parents/Professionals who support youth. The primary audience for the Lounge are youth, their families and professionals who support youth. If you are an adult who is navigating your gender and looking for community you are welcome to join the Lounge but we encourage you to find other online spaces dedicated to gender-expansive adults particularly if you are looking for support, want to process your experiences, or are otherwise looking for other gender-expansive adults. It is important the space be youth appropriate and that experiences shared are appropriate for a youth audience.


Limit political discussion. There are plenty of places on the internet outside of the Gender Spectrum Lounge designed to discuss politics, upcoming elections and speak in favor of specific candidates –  we ask users to utilize those other online spaces. However, we are in favor of creating groups and forums to address new or potential legislation affecting gender and youth, or other areas important to Lounge members. But again, this is not the place in which to praise, put-down or argue about candidates or officeholders.


Advance permission is required before posting any photo of an unclothed body. Photos may be uploaded to forums; however:

You must get permission from a moderator before posting ANY picture of an unclothed body, even if you believe such photos are an important part of your personal story. We understand these may be important, but we want to remain as safe as possible. If you are not certain whether your photograph requires such permission, please ask a moderator for guidance before you post.


Do not post photos or other content without obtaining all required permissions. You may not post a photo without the permission of each person represented in the photo, and the photographer / rights holders. Please attribute copyrighted works, including photographs, to their authors and/or rights owners. You must have all of the necessary rights and permissions before you post any content, photos or otherwise, to the forums.


Speak for yourself. Please speak from your own experiences and avoid speaking for others.