Reframe Gender Through Film – A Conversation with Joe Wilson and Dean Hamer, Producers of A Place in the Middle

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Date(s) - 02/09/2016
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
The current timezone is America/Los_Angeles


The Lounge offers unique programming for its members. As a part of our Reframing Gender Film Series, we have partnered with Frameline and the Producers of the short film, “A Place in the Middle.” This film series will feature a range of stories and topics that bring the personal and varied experiences of gender to life.

A Place in the Middle is one of four short films in Frameline’s Youth in Motion Project. This year’s collection is called “Expanding Gender: Youth Out Front”, a resource and tool for students, teachers, administrators and parents to explore the varied identities of gender-expansive youth. We invite you to tune in to our live broadcast on February 9 at 3pm (PST) by clicking here.

A Place in the Middle is an award winning educational film featuring a 6th grade student in Hawai`i who leads the high school boys hula troupe. Explore gender within a native cultural context. We invite you to screen the film for free online and to join us in a conversation with the film producers to learn more about the message of the film and why the filmmakers felt this story was is so important to share. Along with the discussion we will post resources available to youth, parents, and educators who are interested in continuing the conversation . Tune in live for our broadcast and submit your questions here to have them answered in real time! Invite friends and colleagues to register on The Lounge to join.

In order to highlight the way films bring gender stories to life, we created the Reframing Gender Through Film group. This group is a dedicated space for parents/caregivers, family members, teens and professionals to discuss the role of film in raising awareness about expanding understanding of gender and gender diversity. We invite you to join our group’s forum, and hope that you contribute to the conversation by sharing videos, film titles, links for viewing, and discussion topics.

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