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The Lounge is a space for teens, parents, and professionals to connect with one another. Members can form their own groups and participate in our broader online community. Meet new people and connect with friends and colleagues online.

Teen, Louisiana

We_Can_Help-Spanish“I have been questioning my gender for a while and I have lots of questions and would like to talk to more experienced people my age.”

Teacher, California

We_Can_Help-Trainings-Schools“Creating a safe space for everyone in my classroom is important to me. I’m looking to connect with other elementary school educators to learn about how they incorporate gender in their lesson plans.”

Uncle, Maryland

We_Can_Help-Support_Groups“I have a trans nephew who has come to live with me during his senior year of high school . Questions keep coming up that I’m not sure how to answer. I would like to know how others have dealt with this.”

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